89/366 Living in the Present


It’s what you do in the present that will redeem the past and thereby change the future. – Paulo Coelho, Aleph

One of my childhood dreams is to become a writer. Since I was a kid, I have religiously kept journals and wrote about anything under the sun. I wrote stories and poetry and even a log of how my day has been. There are days when things made sense, but most of the time, I feel that my thoughts are simply all over the place for me to even construct a single coherent thought, let alone a unifying idea that would serve as the theme of whatever I am attempting to write at the moment.

Today for example, out of boredom while waiting for Jay’s recital to start, I whipped out my laptop in the darkness and started to synchronize the songs in my iTunes and iPod. Out of nowhere, a silver honda City parked beside my car and out came about 5 men who were dressed up to the nines. One of them brought out a guitar and started strumming the chords to a familiar song. One of them started to sing, “Just Say Yes”. As I eavesdropped on their very loud conversation, I gathered that one of them was proposing tonight and the guy was planning on serenading his lady love. He has a nice pop voice, a bit nasal but his song sounded sweet nevertheless. The guitar on the other hand was horribly out of tune. I had thought that I would be “safe” from such a scene tonight because I did not have a wedding gig. Unfortunately though, sappiness and romance seem to orbit around me as if I have this strong magnetic pull that can attract romance at a safe distance. However, the pull is not THAT strong yet for love to actually nest in my heart.

That above, was totally written out of the blue with no relation whatsoever with my purported topic of choice.

And now, I have no idea how to go on or expand the topic I have in mind. I truly suck as a writer.

Nevertheless, despite my numerous failed attempts at actually making a sensible point, I continue to write hoping that one day, I may somehow chance upon lucidity and I may finally be able to write something that will be life-changing, at least for me. As what Paulo Coelho might say, live in the present. Whatever mistakes I have done in the past, they’re done. I cannot go back in time to change it anymore. I do have the power to live in the present and to do something that may redeem myself from whatever boo-boos I made in the past. And so I continue to write, senseless sentences hoping that my luck will change in the days to come. 🙂


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