32/366 What Will Fit?

I spent all of last night concocting plans to eliminate a burden, a dilemma that has been bugging me for quite a while. The moment that I was able to design a feasible solution to the problem, I drifted off to a restful slumber and woke up ahead of my alarm. Waking up early and feeling quite rested is a good sign of a good day ahead. As I was going through my preparations before I headed off to work, I received a rather timely message that I could not refuse to answer lest I be though of as a bad comrade. The need for a friend arose yet again and I have made myself available once more. I never learn. While the voice at the end of the line rambled on about life’s woes and other irrelevant matter, I felt myself being drawn once again into the cycle and I already have an inkling that I will pretty soon end up in the dump as soon as the person on the other end of the line gets the logic that is needed out of me. After about an hour or so, after all of the grievances and what nots have been said, the person on the other end, vanished without as much as a thank you or a goodbye. I guess somehow, the pain has been eased and I am no longer of use anymore, as usual.

I was correct however, that I find myself in the pits of uselessness once more.

Life still goes on after all the drama and I am faced with the daily dilemma of what to wear…rather…”What will fit?”


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