13/366 Symphony for the Soul

If there is one one thing that I can be thankful for when that wretched episode in my life happened it’s Musica Chiesa. If God did not break my heart, I would not have opened the Bible, I would not have learned to read it and I would not have been able to listen to him. Musica Chiesa is the product of a heartache, a heartache that was put to good use, in the service of Christ and His Church.

Musica Chiesa has grown in leaps and bounds since then and after 5 years of playing together and serving masses together, we finally have our very own solo concert. Wheeeee!!!! All the sacrifices, rehearsals, tampuhans, pressures etc were all worth it.

Thank you Ateneo Chamber Singers, Blue Symphony, JMM, Jescom, Fr. Jboy, Roma, Bro. Ernald, Ate Marissa, Mam Dit, Gesu staff, guest artists at sa lahat lahat ng tumbling at sumuporta, maraming salamat!!! 🙂

Super thank you LORD! That is all I can say!




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