12/366 Good Morning Sunshine


I really have the flair for melodrama. Somebody greeted me this morning with a nice bright holler of: Good Morning Sunshine and instead of feeling uplifted, I felt my heart sink. I do not know if this is just a case of nervous jitters for tomorrow’s concert but I am praying that all these queasy feelings will go away in time for me to get into fighting form tomorrow.

Today is another one of those Thursdays and though I did not make any resolutions this year, I promised myself to be grateful for everything and try to be a blessing to everyone this year. And so, despite the heaviness in my heart, I dragged my weary ass to work today grateful that I have work while others still need to frequent job fairs or be content to do menial tasks. I have to convince myself that I am blessed. I seriously do not want to go to work today and I would rather rehearse and hang out with Musica Chiesa than teach. Unfortunately, life does not work that way. The world will still keeps on turning and despite my desperate pleas for time to stand still, the world just ignores me completely. Anyhow, the day wore on for me, confined yet again in a small classroom, cluttered with various musical thing-a-ma-bobs. To my surprise, the tiny cramped room made for a good place to focus, concentrate and write. I found the steady hum of the exhaust fan combined with the stuffy silence of a poorly sound-proofed room conducive to writing. The words flowed quite easily until I saw a familiar face peer into the glass panel of the door. My first student of the day has arrived. I have not seen these kids since October and I wonder how we both will fare with today’s lesson. They surprised me by remembering quite a lot from our past lessons and coming back was actually easier that I expected. I had a total of 4 students which was again, a surprise because usually, with this school, I really end up wasting my time because only one student or none will come. This time though, I know better. I arrived 2 hours earlier than my schedule to get a nice parking space in front. I had counted on leaving late because I’ve gotten used to having no specific time schedule with these kids. I did not want to walk as far as the church so I kept vigilant watch over the closest free parking space and took the first one that I saw. I think that paved the way for the other miracles that followed during the rest of the lesson. I finished late as expected but I met with four students which was actually good. I spent the drive to Ateneo trying to recharge myself, preparing for the long night ahead of us.

Tonight was our last rehearsal before the concert and it is also the first and the last time that we will be complete as an ensemble, at least ideally, that’s what’s supposed to happen. Everyone was there, with the exception of one other violist who informed us last minute that it is impossible for her to attend the general rehearsal. I wish she has informed us way ahead of time so we could have prepared better. Luckily, Albert’s gig did not push through and he decided to play for us after all. He was a tremendous blessing to us that night. At least we had two violists present to balance the sound. We had him and the new Michael. The rehearsal was fruitful, albeit tiring. We were able to run through most of the songs, work out some kinks, improve on some and we were finally able to visualize how the concert would go. But, I still think that we should have had a run-through at the venue just to be sure that everything will work out perfectly. We did not rehearse the entrance cues, exit cues, curtain call and the program flow. As of the moment, we are just relying on the music to guide us. I really hope, all goes well tomorrow. I am actually scared that nobody will come to watch. Anyhow, it does not make a difference if there are 5 people or 500 who will watch, we prepared well for this and we offer our music to the Lord. He is the most important member of the audience tomorrow night.

Today was a beautiful day and a very fulfilling day. I have missed working like this with this group of very talented people. I am so excited and nervous for tomorrow. Dear Lord, please bless our group especially with tomorrow’s concert. We prepared well for this, I hope we will do good tomorrow. Amen.


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