11/366 Cris’ Despedida

I had some trouble getting up this morning on account that I was not able to sleep well because I watched movies the whole night. Even though I’ve finished about 3 movies by 330am, sleep was still elusive to me. I kept the laptop on while Superman Returns was playing and before the introductory credits were done, I was already asleep. I had to snooze my alarm 5 times before a morning call from Tita Leony finally roused me from my sleep. I had planned on eating breakfast first but went up to take a bath instead. By the time I got out of the bathroom, visitors were already waiting for me. NInang Tess and Ninong Manny dropped by to visit mommy, armed with Tito Philip’s chaffeur, Jonjon.

My phone was already flooded with text messages by the time I ran out of the door trying to make it in time for our early lunch despedida for Cris.

I am so happy that most everybody came: Jay, James, Trisha, Len, Marian, Roxy and Laszlo, Bernice and even Janine dropped by. I will surely miss the talks with Cris. Among all my friends, she’s I think, the most sensible one of them all.


James, Len, Marian, Trisha, Bernice, Jay, Roxy, Laszlo, Cris, Janine, Moi


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