10/366 Drunkenness


It’s one thing to be drinking in a party and coming to work drunk. This has been a perennial problem and I thought that I have been rid of this. Unfortunately this time, the ripples of the tide had reached a bit farther and does not just affect me anymore, it affects the work ethics and productivity of the group. This reminds me of an episode from Glee Season 3 when Kurt refused to make love to Blaine when the latter was so intoxicated. Again, it is one thing to be intoxicated with love which is an acceptable intoxication in my opinion and to be intoxicated with alcohol. Alcohol creates an alter ego, a whole new someone that people do not recognize and most of the time, drunk people end up regretting whatever they did when they were drunk. I just hope this one was sane enough to remember the things that transpired during the said drunkenness. Such horrid display of behavior is simply not acceptable in the workplace. This has been a problem since time immemorial with our group and the other group that this person is a member of, as well. Sadly, reasoning, democracy, bluntness, violence, power and position could not get through this person. We’ve tried everything short of literally being rude to this person but I swear, nothing works. Nothing works. *throws hands up in the air*


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