6/366 Divine’s Wedding

I sit here cowering in a corner watching the flurry of wedding preps about me. The photographers come and go as they please, taking photographs of half made-up women while some of the men still lay on the bed, buried in the covers, trying to drown out the noise of the hair dryers that rise above the steady stream of women’s voices. I feel like I am the only one moving in slow motion as people come in and out of our hotel room as I wait for my turn at the MUA’s chair. The wedding theme is all white, with a touch of a bit of a goddess feel. I don’t really feel like a goddess right now, not unless there’s a female counterpart of Bacchus. The venus cut, sweetheart neckline, empire waisted white chiffon gown with gold belt mocks me silently in the dark corner of the cabinet where I dumped it awhile ago. It doesn’t help that there was a bit of a zipper dilemma yesterday when I tried it on for final fitting. I had to leave it with the seamster (with him being gay, I don’t know is it’s proper to call him “seamstress”) for final uh…editing and adjustments. I wish I could have lost a few pounds before this wedding. Unfortunately, whatever excess pounds I manage to lose, they make their way back to me in an instant. I literally gain weight the moment I smell food and it is not a very easy task for someone who loves food as much as I do, to go on a diet.

Getting married in the morning is quite ungodly. The make-up artists arrived at around 4am to prep the ladies and each lady takes about 20 to 30 minutes to be ready. I was a late coming, having arrived at 4:45am, there were already girls lined up before me. I got out of the corner and tried to just dive into the flurry of activities. Afraid of getting in the way of the photographers barking orders at the bridesmaids to smile or whatever, I whipped out my trusty old camera ang took pictures of whatever interested me. Aside from writing, taking pictures brings me a sense of calm and I just clicked away at whatever caught my lens.


Our make up artist was the very efficient and very good but very affordable Jo Roncal, a fellow Theresian 🙂


Next up was my friend May, who was quite a veteran when it comes to getting all dolled up, did not escape my shutterbug tendencies.


I barged into the bridal suite and took a few pictures of the bride. 🙂 The I barged in at the groom’s pictorial too! 🙂



As the appointed time drew near, a bit of tension started to rise and the coordinators started to get a lithe pushy as there were still a few loose ends to tie up: a bridesmaids hair was not yet done, the mother of the bride needed her make-up retouched, the photographers were not yet done doing the bride’s stills and we still do not have a complete entourage picture. About 10 minutes to 9am, the coordinator calmly bur firmly told us that it was already time for us to go. We went down the lobby for a last minute shot with the bride then went to get our cars for the trip to the church. It seems that fate is working against us because we had to battle the tail-end of the Ortigas rush hour traffic.


We got to the church a little past 9 and the bride marched down the aisle by 9:30am.


It is no secret that I have been to about 350 weddings in my lifetime, and each time that I have the chance to watch the bride march down the aisle, I always take a quick look at the groom and a crying groom never fails to touch my heart. 🙂 Mike certainly rose to the occasion and wept openly as Divine got closer and closer to the altar.



By around 11:15am, Divinagracia Estimada and Michael Salonga were finally pronounced, husband and wife 🙂


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