3/366 Brand New Hurdles

I have had my reservations when we took that almost-one-month vacation in the US last November. Car maintenance was one of the things that was on top of my head. Imagine, leaving 3 cars for a month with someone who do not know how to drive, let alone how to start the engine. I was already anticipating the need for car repairs upon our return. I had the not-so-bright idea to entrust my cars to a friend. I asked him if he could visit and start the engine at least once a week just to keep the engine running and functioning until we get back. He agreed so I thought that everything will be well. After a month in the US, two of the cars needed major repairs. All in all, my car was virtually unusable for a grand total of two months and it also cost me a bazillion pesos to bring it back to life.

Today, after all the busyness of the past months, I finally found the time to bring my car in the shop for repairs. I had to have it towed because I can’t even start it anymore. The diagnosis was not as deadly as I expected it to be, but still there parts that needed to be changed and I had to leave my car in the shop as we still had to order the parts that we needed. I went home a tad pissed because that was another unnecessary expense that I could have avoided. But all I could just to is take a deep breath and pray that after this little visit to the shop, I would already be reunited with my baby. Lord help us and please heal Kitten in a jiffy! 🙂


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