2/366 Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive

While everyone was rejoicing and celebrating last night, somewhere in Quezon City, a family’s house burned down to the ground as an irresponsible merry-maker knocked over a lit sparkler to a bunch of tarpaulin posters waiting to be delivered. It was new year’s eve when a fire gutted out the home of my good friend Quincy Gonzales. Their whole house burned including their antique shop which is their source of income. One of the most heart-breaking news I have heard about the fire though is that their blue doberman, Doby burned and perished in the fire. He was chained in his cage and they found him, with his jaws locked on his chain, trying to break it somehow. But a doberman’s teeth is still no match to a strong chain. I think that news broke my heart more than the fire itself.

I do not even want to imagine what it feels like to lose everything in a fire. I remember last night, I was very specific in my prayers when I saw a sky lantern floating lazily in the sky. I had thought that if that landed in some combustible material, a family could lose a home tonight. I prayed hard that my family would be spared from such a tragedy because I know in my heart that there is a high risk that I might go crazy if something like that befell us. When I heard the news about Quincy’s house burning on new year’s eve, I felt a cold wave of nausea sweep over me. While I am truly grateful that we have been spared, my hear goes out to Quincy and his family who has to start all over again on New Year’s Day. Luckily, Quincy and his folks are such optimist that even if they lost everything they had, the remain hopeful and grateful that aside from Doby the doberman, everyone they love was kept safe by the blood of the Saviour that fateful night. When I talked to him, he told me that, for many years now, his 2 grandparents would choose to stay at home on NYE. For some strange reason, this year, both grandmas both had to attend a party. His whole family on the other hand went to Laguna to spend the night at some relatives place. It was a cruel irony that right at the moment when everybody was greeting each other a “Happy New Year” they saw their house in the news, burning to the ground. Being that far away from home, they couldn’t do anything aside from watch the shocking event unfold with the rest of the country.

Day 2 of the fire, Quincy’s friends started to move. God’s grace truly work in mysterious ways. By the end of the day, we already had a trunkful of stuff which were ready to be brought to Quincy. They needed everything from clothes to shoes, to pots and pans, food, toiletries to financial assistance. For the meantime they are staying with his sister’s family but they are asking for help in looking for a new place to call their home.

I know that what we brought them was not much but Quincy was so grateful for every bit of help that we could give his family, it felt like Christmas once again 🙂

Despite the tragedy, I am still grateful to you dear Lord for sparing my home and family from such fate. I am also grateful because this brought us together and gave us the opportunity to extend Christmas a little longer. 🙂


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