Meeting Family

This US trip happened for a lot of reasons and they are mostly for reuniting families. After being reunited with my family this weekend, there is another family that we have to meet. BIL has not seen his sister for years. This trip, aside from being reunited with his twin, is also a meeting to introduce his twin sister to her soon to be Sister-in Law. We rented a car to drive to Louisiana for the week. The car served its purpose well albeit being crappy, brought us safely to Louisiana. Because of a gazillion pit stops, what’s supposed to be a 7-hour drive to Louisiana became a 15-hour drive. I have no reason to complain though because BIL drove the whole way 🙂

The morning after, we were able to meet his adorable niece 🙂


Since we got in so late last night, we slept in a bit. But the beds were so comfortable, I woke up at 2pm. BIL’s twin sister had to literally intrude into my dreams to wake me up. After a quick shower, we walked around their quaint community in La Fayette. They lived so close to the University of Louisiana so we swung by the University and walked around a bit.

They had this area which bore a striking resemblance with the Social Science building in the Ateneo, it made me miss home.


We had ate lunch at the nearby Subway which tastes surprisingly different from the Subways in Manila then walked around somewhere to say hello to the baby alligators that that they breed right into the murky man-made swamp right in the middle of the campus. It was such a nice spot to take pictures, so I just went on with my trigger-happy ways and took a gazillion photos!

That’s BIL’s family right there 🙂


The fall colors were so lovely, we could not help but stop and take a few pictures amidst the fiery backdrop.


By dusk, we were feeling a bit hungry so we went to look for a nice place to eat. We first got dessert at Carpe Diem a nice quiet place that serves the best gelato.

There we rested from the long walk, enjoyed a cup of hazelnut gelato (the best one I’ve ever had) and met a new friend about neice’s age. It was fun to watch the two babies talk and play as if they really understood each other.


After the yummy dessert, we took a quick stroll around the area. As we were walking towards the Japanese restaurant we encountered some stuff along the way. The gorgeous full moon made the short walk even nicer. 🙂



Here’s a picture of with Aunts and Uncle and Parents. We were all over her and she loved the attention!


One look at the menu and we knew that we wanted to each everything. But we were still a bit full from the yummy hazelnut gelato we had that we just ordered a bunch of sushi and….DESSERTS….AGAIN! We are such a bunch of sweet-toothies 🙂



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