Breakfast is perhaps one of my most favorite parts of the day. I remember back in Manila when my brother and I were still living in the same roof, lil bro would wake me up by telling me what we’re having for breakfast. But this is not home in Manila, and he need not tell me what we’re having for breakfast because we have to cook it ourselves.

So we all crammed ourselves in the kitchen that beautiful Saturday morning, armed with out appetites, frying pans, eggs, turkey bacon and garlic fried rice 🙂


Since, we haven’t had breakfast together in a long time, it is only proper that we capture this moment for posterity. No one dared breathe when we were taking this picture as we haven’t brushed our teeth yet nor combed our hair 🙂

Papa was in the room still sleeping while BIL was the one who took this picture 🙂


After breakfast we decided to take a still outside the house despite the very cold and crisp autumn breeze. Before going to the US the three of us (sis, BIL and I) made a pact to stay healthy in anticipation of all the eating that we’re going to do there. Today is our first attempt at shedding off the few pounds that we gained on our way here. Big bro and Little bro also showed off their tennis skills.

I however did not understand that tennis skills actually meant, running after the balls…all the time. I think that’s how they really get fit. It’s not the sport at all!


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