Reunited and it Feels So Good!

It is still November 4 when we landed in Texas and standing up and stretching is such a treat after seating for about 11 hours in a cramped plane.

We got the first seat right behind the galley which had more leg room but I am so looking forward to walking and finally having some fresh air.


I haven’t seen my family in over a year and I had expected to some crying but nothing could have prepared me from what transpired when we crept up to my mom and surprised her when she got off work at Walmart.

There were crying and hugging and we just can’t put into words how much we missed each other.


After we all calmed down, we were able to wipe the tears from our eyes and pose for a decent picture, right in the middle of a grocery store. Here we all are, sporting the just-cried look 🙂


After all the drama, we finally went home to our cozy apartment in Texas and spent the rest of the night catching up. But the Texans had to sleep while the three creatures from Manila were still jet-lagged.

So amid the chats and the snores, we happily recounted everything that happened during that long day of November 4 and looked forward for the rest of out vacation here with our family. 🙂


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