Quest for the 2012 Starbucks Planner

It’s Christmas time once again and today officially starts my quest for the Starbucks 2012 Planner. It has been a tradition with me since 2006 to collect about 20 stickers to be able to get the most coveted planner of the season. I know that there are other planners and that drinking 20 cups of Starbucks coffee still adds up to a hefty 2000 plus pesos but the competition is fun. It feels like race and I find it such an achievement to get the planner at the earliest possible time. Since I will be leaving for the US tomorrow, there is no way I can be one of the first few who will get their hands on one of those planners. There is no freakin’ way I can drink 20 cups of coffee or tea in one day. So, instead of making myself sick with coffee, I decided to have an impromptu coffee party at Starbucks UP Techno-Hub. At first I thought that people are a bit busy and my invite came at the last minute so people might not come.

But then again, who would pass up the chance to have free coffee and chit-chat a bit before the day is over? So one by one, my friends came to my aid!


So with a little help from my friends, by 10:40PM of November 3, 2012, I was able to reach my goal as one of the first to get the Starbucks 2012 planner on the first opening day of the promo.

So to all my friends, THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🙂



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