Following the Sun and City Walks

I woke up way ahead of my companions and to while away the time while waiting for them to come to life, I lay down on the ground outside and gazed at the canopy above. Sometimes, when one is too burdened by the mundane things in life, we often forget to look up and realize that the floor , the dust and the soil are merely small parts of the universe. It is rare for me to turn my face towards the sun and be reminded of the brightness and color of life.

So for a few minutes this day, I let myself be washed by the morning’s brightness veiled by the lush green canopy of mango, santol, kaimito and sampaloc trees. 🙂


Then I caught the tail-end of a beautiful Northern sunrise 🙂


When we were all ready, Ralph took us for a tour around the city. Our first stop was the Church of Laoag.



Followed by a visit to The Sinking Bell Tower of Laoag.


After a quick trip to the market for some pasalubong, we took a kalesa ride to the museum and ended the day with a meal of Iloos empanada.



After the brief city tour, we went home to pack our bags and waited until it was time for us to board the bus back home to Manila. I can’t wait for the next adventure! 🙂


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